From the Mountaintop

by Repeat After Me

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Hearkening back to the golden days of 70's AM radio, Repeat After Me's debut album From The Mountaintop offers a treasure trove of classic songwriting, vocal harmony, and instrumental prowess well worth the trek.


released January 1, 2012

Rob Kassees: Lead Vox/Guitar
Aaron Levin: Drums/Vox
Tom Monaghan: Bass/Vox
Eric Murriguez: Lead Guitar/Vox

All keyboards: Jeff Hashfield
Recorded at Wally Sound in Oakland, CA
Mastered by John Golden
All songs by R. Kassees
Produced by Repeat After Me



all rights reserved


Repeat After Me San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Radio Doctor
I got regrets you know they're sleeping in my skin
Under this unaffected life I'm living in
I've got your numbers written all across my hand
Equations dictate everything I understand

The radio doctor keeps his cards all to himself
So what's the point in caring about somebody else?
No matter what you did, everything you felt
Down on your knees the circuitry begins to melt

I've gotta know what you can show me back at home with the radio doctor
I've gotta see what's left for me what's left for me and the radio doctor

I've got some status back and I've got a little time
Over this adolescent dream that you were mine
At night I call you up, makes my body sore
The bone is broke and you can't fix me anymore

Radio doctor won't you come back to me now?
Hold me up and carry me back through the crowd
Lift me high enough so that everyone can see
You were the only one who meant a thing to me
Track Name: End Up in Your Arms
It's OK to let the kid keep sleeping in cause
everyday he feels the springtime creeping in
and all along yeah the snow's been keeping him warm

Summer sun there ain't no imitation baby
falling in is such a sweet sensation
but I know every beat before it's done

I know I'll end up in your arms
I'll end up in your arms
No matter what you say at the end of every day
I'm gonna end up in your arms

Nothing comes between the blue and gold ones
and the shining stars are just a story told to us
so late one night, we'll meet beneath this storm

I've got a piece of something good
right here, underneath my hood
but it's always been the same
I'll never make it on my own
come in close baby, come on home
I want you back again
Track Name: Youngblood
Burning through the night
Stars are shining bright
With the city streaming by

I stumble but I get pulled up again
Sunny days and nights that never end

Always been the same
With this silver in my veins
But she match me all the way

I found her in a spotlight all her own
I showed up in time to take her home

I’ve got the youngblood in my fingertips
I’ve got to keep on using it
She come to keep me out in front
Well you can’t hold back youngblood

All my oldest friends
Are just breaking at the bend
It ain’t never gonna end

Passing time’s the only thing I know
Laughing hard’s the only way to go

Always on my mind
Pushing all the time
But I love the way it shines
Track Name: Champagne
Tonight we drink champagne until we fall apart,
Tonight we haunt this town, tonight we make our mark
Tonight we fall in love with all the ones we've lost
Tonight we drink champagne, and send a good man off

Tonight we drink champagne like we just struck gold
Is this my whole life or just another episode
Tonight we raise our hands, we keep our hearts intact
Tonight we drink champagne, we take the good life back

I need more time

Tonight we drink champagne, set out sights on the top
And we flash like fireflies, our blood stays hot
Tonight we all break out, make a play for the throne
Tonight we drink champagne before we head back home

I need more time, before you lead me home
Track Name: Gimme What You've Got
I’m in trouble I’ve been wasting time
I can make, I can make it
I keep thinking that I won’t change my mind
I can take it, I’ll take it, I’ll take it, I’ll take it, I’ll take it

She keeps looking for what she won’t find
She searches all over; just search my eyes
But love like this don’t fit between these lines
And it gets so hard to say what’s on my mind

Gimme what you’ve got, gimme what you’ve got now I can take it
I’ll make it into something of my own

When I’m running I never look behind
And it gets so that I’ve got to close my eyes

Gimme what you’ve got, gimme what you’ve got now I can take it
I’ll make it into something of my own
Gimme what you’ve got, gimme what you’ve got now I can take it
I’ll twist and turn it on my way back home

I’ve been dreaming about this all my life
And all I see is the years keep flying by
So what you gonna do with all your time
Except fall in love, with a broke up heart like mine
Track Name: Every Music Has Its Moment
Every music has its moment,
and every man must have a say
So when you hear us singing, please remember
I’ll be coming home some day

When it hits me right I know just who I am
She’s a sweet one brother a pure old fashioned friend
But Joanna’s careful now, she don’t make future plans
The things she says to me well I know she understands (she says)

I set my heart on all the things I didn’t know
I wanted all of my mistakes to be my own
But I got careless; I fell in love again
And it’s the real thing now I’m too old to pretend.

Maggie knows a story’s told in every tear
And in all these colors I ain’t thought about in years
My ambition led me this far down the track
That ambition, babe, is bound to bring me back
Track Name: Friday Night
Last night she said, I bought myself a white gown
All night she said, when you gonna take me downtown?

My heart beats, she the one for my whole life
All day repeats, sweet woman’s got to be my wife

Oh no she said, take you back to where I was born
Unroll she said, you come slow you but come on strong

And my heart beats, in front of this whole world
All day repeats, say the words and I kiss my girl on

Friday night, on friday night, oh yeah

Rollercoaster, I want to ride you all night long
Come closer, ten years another 1000 songs

From the mountaintop, keep it quiet baby oh no no
From the mountaintop, I sing it loud and I sing it low on

Friday night
Track Name: In the Cool of the Night
Moving through the night, or get me on my bike
headphones shaped my eyes, and I'm alright
I'm on fire
While my city sleeps, the stars set me free
the night has all I need, and it's just me
another dream

When I'm walking home in the cool of the night
When I'm on my own in the cool of the night
When I'm drawing lines in the cool of the night
When I'm making time in the cool of the night

Move my thoughts around, searching for the sound
and all that brings me down, gets turned around
figured out

at home on the sidewalk
at home on the street
at home on the sidewalk
at home on my feet
Track Name: Singapore
Underneath the stars is all I
care to see when I’m this far away
from everything I know
We all arrive at different moments or
come across too small to notice
or grab me in my heart and don’t let go

Singapore, why you gotta go and leave me flat
Singapore, why you never love me back
I want more, than the moon the sun and stars
Singapore, how’d we ever get this far

Sang goodbye to easy days with idle talk and fadeaways
I’m out here making distance on my own
Born in time to recognize
the crumble of the clearest sky
Or love that’s fading fast over the phone
Track Name: When the Summer Comes
He’s got a smile but he’s hiding something
All filled up but she keep it coming

Plans get laid all over town
Well I set it all up just to knock it back down

And I take my time
Gonna make her mine

When the summer comes

The spotlight pops so I make my plan
Got to make it big so she understand

Cotton’s high and the fish keep jumping
On my knees will my heart be thumping?

I think, will I fall, but I’ve waited such a long long time
It’s a long way to go, but there’s a one thing I know
I know, I better not forget myself when the summer comes
Track Name: Get Up on Your Feet
Sundown at the track, and the runner’s heading back,
I took it for a fact
That I was just spinning my wheels every summer night

Wasted all my time, pretending you were mine,
and I thought I had a spine
Until I had you made up in the moonlight

Am I who I am supposed to be?
Or have my brothers gone and corrupted me?

I know I’m misled, just a sunrise in my head,
and all those things you said
They were just lies meant to keep me from coming around

Wasted all my time, pretending you were mine,
and I almost lost my mind
Picking these locks that you left on my little town

Am I who I am supposed to be? Or have my brothers gone and corrupted, every part of me? Am I where I am supposed to stay? How to plan for tomorrow, and still live for today?

I was feeling the weight of it trying to make a fit breathing hard, on my knees
When something inside took on a hold of mind and said boy get up on your feet

I was driving all night with it trying to fight with it, wound up alone on the street
Something divine snaked up into my mind and said kid, get up on your feet

Get up on your feet